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I go to Cycle Werks for all of my cycling needs, from road and triathlon to mountain bikes, Cycle Werks has your covered. Unlike other bike shops in Orange County, at Cycle Werks, you are family, treated like family and Paul Deem owner, and his staff go out of thier way to make sure customer satisfaction highest priority. You are not just a number - Paul and his team take a personal and vested interest in everyone that walks through the front doors. His staff is always available and willing to help, even staying after hours to help with any customer needs. Paul and his team have a personal interest in making sure you always leave the shop satisfied. I would highly recommend Cycle Werks for all of your cycling needs. -- Andy B.

Cycle Werks and Paul Deem have served the cycling community in many successful ways. When I first met Paul and visited his shop, I quickly noticed the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Paul and his employees make every point to make each customer feel welcomed and that there is "no stupid question". I would not hesitate to take my bike to Cycle Werks for any reason, or to pick up the phone to chat with Paul and have always been satified with the end product. -- Ruth C.

Cycle Werks is a great bike store! They always give me great service and prices. The mechanics really know their stuff and with bike repairs becoming more like rocket science..Cycle Werks mechanics are genius. The best thing about Cycle Werks is the employees take the time to talk to customers and answer all their questions and there are no stupid questions! I will always be a Cycle Werks customer. -- Todd S.


Paul began his career with bicycles at 14 years old when the local bike shop owner told him he could make the Olympic Team. And make the Olympic Team he did...and win seven national titles, a Pan Am Games gold medal (check out the Sports Illustrated article) and lots more (check out his resume). Paul brings his love of the sport and the machine to the Cycle Werks shops. He can help you find the right bike, help you train, and philosophize with the best of them.(check out Road Trip Nation).

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TERRY WHATLEY - Mechanic/Sales

Terry will ask you about your riding experience, your background, your riding goals, your favorite rides, maybe even your favorite food, and then he'll add some genuine psychic skill to make sure you find the right bike. His goal is to get the right bike for each person who steps into the store.

In the bike business since 1995, Terry has done R&D testing and fabrication, and has designed mountain bikes for one of the first manufacturers, a true full suspension pioneer. He's built bikes for professional racers Hans Rey and Brian Lopes, to name a few, and has ridden with those guys too. With over 10 years of bike mechanic experience, Terry's early career as an aerospace mechanic is being put to a much better use these days; making sure the Cycle Werks team delivers you the best possible ride.

And what is Terry's best ride? Well, a couple of days a week, his best ride would be out on his SurfSki Kayak, swiftly slicing through the Laguna surf. But on his bike, his best ride is Repo Man in Emerald Bay Canyon, or Sweet Tillie. Or Art School. Or...hey, just go out and ride.

Call Terry. (714) 751-9551

JOEY CARBONI - Costa Mesa Store Manager

He's been working at Cycle Werks since he was 15, but that hasn't stopped this 28 year old avid cyclist from racing in NORBA mountain bike races all over California and Utah. Joey's been racing BMX and riding motorcycles since the sweet age of 6. As he puts it, "I've seen the real California from two wheels. I've ridden from Canada to Cabo on a bike."

After an injury in the 2004 NORBA Big Bear Amateur Cup, Joey opted not to pursue a professional career in mountain bike racing. He now rides with the oldest mountain bike club in the U.S., that exclusive, legendary but arcane group whose name will not be revealed in these pages. (check out Mountain Bike Hall of Fame). Joey has found his niche with the best of 'em.

As a chief Cycle Werks mechanic, in addition to managing the Costa Mesa store, Joey has the expertise to repair and maintain any bike. Whether you want to ride the Paris-Roubaix or the Huntington Beach Bar-Hop Route, Joey can make your ride better. And his June 2013 jaunt up Modjeska Grade with the one and only champion Gary Fisher gave him yet another chance not only to ride with the best, but to use his riding and mechancial know-how for a beta test on Trek's latest bike designs

Call Joey Carboni. (714) 751-9551

RYLEE WALKER - Sales/Mechanic

Rylee has fun in the air. Jumping from roofs on his Foes Hydro Downhill with 26" wheels and 8" travel -- he calls it a 'big squishy bike' -- yeah, he's havin' some fun in the air, over your head and with no admission ticket. Rylee raced downhill as an expert for four years and says "I really liked riding downhill...but after awhile, my ankles stopped wanting to get broken."

After some unlucky breaks, Rylee now rides his dirt-trail bike at least 3 or 4 times a week after 9:00pm, with a big Niterider light (it's gotta be a blazing Klieg light) and his buddies. "It's cooler at night, nobody's there, the dirt is nice and tacky, and I can commune with the bobcats. We're not riding the trails for their scenery at that hour. It's all about focus on the dirt and some good grip." He means speed, folks. And don't ask him where; his dirt routes are his secret and he's not telling.

Since 2006, Rylee's worked in bike shops and he's been at Cycle Werks since 2010. He repairs all types of bikes, having done all his own repairs during his race days. You can get a lucky break if you get Rylee to fix your bike, or have him help you pick a new one. Do it soon, while his ankles are in good shape, and before the bobcats close in for a too-close look at him.

Call Rylee Walker, (949) 492-5911

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ANTHONY CANONE - Sales/Mechanic

He rides a Lemond single-speed steel road bike. You know he rides that thing at night. Cruising around San Clemente and Dana Point, grabbing dinner with friends, catching twilight on two wheels. He's ridden the steelie throughout OC, L.A. and San Diego. Who needs the Tour de France?

Anthony doesn't need the Tour. He's a life-long cyclist with an equally long-lived interest in all things mechanical. Anthony can fix any bike. Yes, he tinkers with bikes on the job, and he tinkers with cars off the job. He's rebuilt his retro-cool Mazda Miata and his VW Scirocco at least once each, with what he calls "lots of TLC and meticulous attention to detail." Is there any doubt Anthony can fix any bike? And with 6 years experience at Cycle Werks, is there any doubt of his extensive knowledge of all of our product lines, especially Trek? The man can build and rebuild, say no more.

You might catch Anthony out on the PCH bike trail between San Clemente and Dana Point. But it would probably be a lot easier to visit him at Cycle Werks, and get him to pay some of that TLC to your ride.

Call Anthony, (949) 492-5911

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